Miller Pools, Inc. is a highly reputable swimming pool builder.  We maintain long-term relationships with customers whose pools we built in the 1980’s.  This in itself clearly indicates the high-quality service that we provide.  Long-term relationships in pool construction also indicate that an enormous amount of attention to detail was paid prior to and during the construction of the pool and pool area.

We have operated locally for 30 years, and have a complete understanding of items that are unique to an area,  such as climate, soil conditions, drainage, etc.  For example, the Northern Virginia area is subject to large changes in elevation, which must be taken into consideration during the planning process.  For example, if your backyard slopes down, you must carefully measure the change in slope, and place the pool accordingly so that water and debris does not flow into your pool.

With years of experience, there are not many situations that we have not encountered, or problems that we have not solved.

One item that truly differentiates us from other companies is the fact that the owner will be present from start to finish, overseeing all the critical details of the project.  Instead of a salesperson, you will meet with the owner himself and he will listen to your needs, make recommendations, and provide a carefully thought out custom design.   The same person that creates your design is the person who oversees the build-out of the pool, leaving no detail unnoticed.

Despite the  expense of level of oversight, attention to detail, and the creation of a high-quality product, our pricing remains extremely fair and competitive.    However, all of the qualities mentioned above prove that product, not price, should be the deciding factor in selecting a pool builder and will result in the fewest problems both short term and long term.   You will be most pleased with the support Miller Pools offers before, during and after the project.  In addition, you will be the proud owner of  a beautiful, custom built swimming pool for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Building a swimming pool is a major investment.  Great care should be taken in the planning of a project of this scope.  A well built and carefully planned pool is a major asset that will add value to your home.


Thank You,

Lyman T Miller